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New Edition Of The Shotokan Way

The January edition of The Shotokan Way is available for review.  This month's edition features an in-depth interview with Kanazawa Sensei who needs no introduction if you are familiar with Shotokan Karate.  If you are not, he is a legend in the Shotokan world and head of the S.K.I.F. (Shotokan Karate International Federation).  He trained also trained directly with Master Funakoshi,  Nishiyama Sensei and Nakayama Sensei amongst many others.

What I love the most about this interview is how is succinctly summarizes years of knowledge and training into short yet powerful words.  I also found he answer about slight SKIF kata variations quite interesting. Breathing, meditation, power (tension vs relaxation), hip rotation, stances and various katas are also discussed.  This interview is a must read for any Shotokan practioner new or old.

Please check out the latest edition and we will continue to provide you with links and resources from some of the best online shotokan resources that we have found.

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